Wolves of the Outlands

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Welcome to the Outlands!

Do you dare to enter the Outlands?

"Hello there, Loner. Or are you?"

  A silk-smooth voice sounds nearby. Spinning around, you examain the surrounding woods. An owl hoots to your left, and the winds howl to the opposing side, and a fire crackles dead ahead, but no wolf is visible in the depths of the shadows behind you.

"All alone, now are we?"

  You whirl around once more and come to face a massive black she-wolf that now stands in the shadows. No sound had betrayed her approach, but your hearing is as fine as ever. What catches your attention firstmost is not her size, but the dark feathered wings arched over her head.

   "This is the land of the Outlands, the place where the banished are accepted, a fresh start is offered to those with the reddest backgrounds. My name is Darkchant, I'm the alpha female of the Pack of Deep Shadows." A fluffy brown male materializes next to her out of the shadows. "I am Bearsoul, alpha male of Deep Shadows," he grumbles.

   The howling winds roar again, you turn to face the direction of the gusts. A small, lithe white she-wolf stands, wind ruffling her pale wispy fur. "I am Willow, alpha female of the Pack of Howling Winds."

  An owl calls out to your left. A large whitish grayish and light brown male with gold eyes appears to your left where you heard the owl call, followed by a dark brown she-wolf with coal black eyes. The female says gently, "I am Itzala and this is Conor, we are the alphas of the Pack of Hooting Owls."
  You boldly step closer to the strange wolves, wondering if more judgemental packmates will run you from your home once more. As if Willow heard your thoughts, she replies,

  "Relax, worried one. Not a soul shall harm you, should you not harm them prior. Shall I show you around, or will you continue your search for a new start?"

The choice is up to you...

Our Packs:

We currently have four packs. We don't plan to create anymore until we get the current ones filled. They are:

-The Pack of Howling Winds
-The Pack of Deep Shadows
-The Pack of Burning Embers
-The Pack of Hooting Owls

Ranks for the Packs:

Here are the positions estabished in every one of our packs in order from

highest authority to the lowest.

Alpha Male

Alpha Female

Beta Male

Beta Female


Warrior Wolves

Hunter Wolves


Mother Wolves



We do have some gods and goddesses, some spirits and ghosts as well. Here is a guide to show you some of their names and what they rule over.

Saole- (Say-o-el) He is the king of the Outland gods and is the creator of all life. He is the father of all wolves and is the father to all other gods, save Fallaen, his mate. Saole is the main leader of the gods, as well as possessing unrivaled power among all living souls.

Fallean- (Fall-een) She is the queen of the Outland goddesses and the mother to all life. She controls the fertality of all female creatures and rules with grace and generosity.

Thaemn- (Th-ee-min) He is the oldest son of Saole and Fallaen, and the god of the skies. He is the main protector of the Pack of Howling Winds. He favors thunderclouds and gales above blue skies and sunshine, angering Calana.

Calana- (Kay-loon-a) She is the oldest pup of Saole and Fallaen, she is the goddess of the sun. She often quarrels with her brother, Ugblish, over the skies, usually winning. She is the main protector of the Pack of Hooting Owls and despises the Pack of Deep Shadows, as she is the one to have condemned them to the darkness they inhabit.

Ugblish- (Ugh-leash) He is the god and protector of the moon. He is aggressive and cryptic. He watches over the Pack of Deep Shadows and will defend them with his every breath. Ugblish is incredibly reclusive and rarely contacts other gods or mortals.

Rivalina- (Riv-ill-ina) She is the goddess of the earth, and is one of the more powerful goddesses, as she rules over the dirt, mud, and earth. She creates the earthquakes and rifts in the ground that swallow wolves whole. She is a force to be reckoned with and has a temper paramounting all others.

Panel- (Pan-ill) He is the god of the sea and rivers. He has power over tsunamis and hurricanes. He is peaceful and generally leaves the land-dwellers alone.

Sites to join:

Here are some of our sister
sites you may want to look into joining.











Newest Members:

It's spring in the Outlands! The packs are enjoying plentiful prey and fresh, UNfrozen water! Watch out for your borders and flash floods.