Wolves of the Outlands

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Here is where the site members such as yourself can post your short-stories about the Outland pack wolves. You can receive feedback and suggestions.Please be considerate to other people's works, not everyone will write exactly like you do.


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Posted by Darky/Lyn on September 3, 2013 at 7:40 PM Comments comments (2)


Alone with you I sit

Just as the sky blushes

And the sun hides it'sface.

The perfect moment on the perfect day

Tongue-tied and starry-eyed,

You're my only innocence left.

You're perfect to me

You're everything to me

You're the sweet chocolate to my sour skittles

You're the lion to my wolf

The forever to my never

Somehow you get my quirkiness and made up words

Somehow darling you manage to get me

I''m not perfect

I've done things to make us both cry

You stay strong for us

And I'll fall as my world crumbles

I'll hold on if only you hold onto me

You're perfect to me

You're everything to me

You're the sweet chocolate to my sour skittles

You're the lion to my wolf

The forever to my fucknever

Darling you're everything to me





Chapters 7-9

Posted by Willow on May 30, 2013 at 2:15 PM Comments comments (1)

So... it's been awhile since I've updated this. So, here is the next three chapters in my book Infinity League. Enjoy!


Chapter seven

"Shay? Is that you?" He said lightly, as if questioning his sanity.

"Yes, Saka. It's me." I gently turned his head so that he was facing me.

"Serena- you- your-"

"I know Saka. We're twins."

"But- she never told me-" he paused and pulled himself up off of my legs and went to sit on the chair. He tensed up and straightened his maroon hoodie. "Don't tell them anything that just happened."


"Dammit, Leo," Mallila said as they walked into the room, Leo sloshing water onto Lila's designer skirt.

I looked at Saka to see his new gold eyes facing the floor, his forehead wrinkled in frustration. I sighed. Why'd they have to come in now? Momo jumped up on my lap, purring like a motorcycle engine.

"Don't forget I love you," he said with what I figured was a sexy grin, as Mallila automatically melted.

"Well then don't get me dirty, or I'll-" she was cut off as Leo leaned over and kissed her. I glanced at Saka, who in turn was still looking at the floor.

"I think we're gonna go now. See you soon, Sis." Leo put the cup by the sink and flashed a quick don't do anything risky look at Saka. Arms linked, they strolled out the door.

Saka looked up from the floor, brilliant new gold eyes fixed on my face. “It all makes sense now.”

“What do you mean?”

“The lapse, your powers, Serena’s quest,” He paused, reaching for my hand. “It’s easier to show you.”

I grabbed his hand eagerly and, for a split second before the world went black, I saw under the arm of his hoodie a tattoo of an infinity symbol on his wrist.


Chapter eight

I was in a supermarket. I turned and looked around. Saka was still holding my hand.

"If I let go, you wake up," he said. Saka craned his neck so he could see past the Starbucks sign we were behind. "Now just watch. Don't say anything to anyone besides me, or my memory will be altered."

I nodded quickly, then huddled against him and looked at the isles in front of us.

Just then, an Native American boy that looked to be about nine ran out from the card isle. "That's me," Saka said, eyes still fixed on the boy.

Young Saka halted suddenly when he turned the corner and ran smack into a little girl with auburn hair that looked to be around eleven.

I gasped. "Serena," Saka squeezed my hand in silent response.

Little Serena touched her ear. Young Saka repeated the action. "She asked me if I was one of her kind," said Saka, a hint of admiration in his voice. "Even though it was only a picture, I understood. She had a brand."

A flash of black and we were in what looked to be a lower class house in a suburb of a big city like Chicago. Serena was talking to Saka, moving her hands to explain her words.

"She's telling me about you." He looked down at me. "She told me that you were strong enough to keep me from the backlash." I looked at him, curious to find out what he meant by 'backlash'.

His gold eyes were soft yet still bore holes into me. "She- I- I didn't know-"

He looked away. "I know you didn't know." He paused. "Would you have kissed me if you did know?"

"Of course!" I said automatically, blushing when I realized what I said. Saka's mouth curled into a tiny smile. "Anyway, let’s watch them." We turned back to the kids.

Little Serena and Saka were crowded around a small object in Serena's hand.

"My mirror!" I gasped.

"Correction. Her mirror," Saka whispered to me. "She gave you it in hopes that you would figure out its powers."


"Just watch." I stared intently at the little hand mirror. Just then, Serena closed her eyes, the mirror's wood border began to glow gold, and after a second, a picture of me sitting at a school desk appeared.

That set me over the top. I let go of Saka's hand and the world melted into blackness.


Chapter nine

We were back in the hospital room, Saka sitting by my feet. He gave me a look like he was a puppy and I had just beaten him.

"So you don't want to see my life." He looked away and stood up.

"That's not how it is, Saka," I said, trying desperately to keep back the tears in my eyes. How could he not see that it was just shocking for me and all I needed was time?

He walked toward the door. "Goodbye, Shaylinn," he said to the wall. "I'll see you at school. Maybe."

Just as he reached for the door handle, a flame emerged in the air between his hand and the door. Saka pulled his hand away faster than lightning and walked back over to me. “Nevermind our problems,” he picked me up into his arms, carefully cradling my head in his elbow, and started toward the window. “They’re the ones we have problems with.”

He tried to pry the lock on the window open. He looked at me. “Now would be a splendid time to use that great power of yours.”

“Oh, yeah. Sure.” I concentrated on the locking hinges of the window frame. I am going mad, I thought. But Saka seems to believe in me, so maybe it’ll work. After about ten seconds, the hinges made a little popping noise.

Saka smiled. “Told ya you could do it.” He pushed the window up with superhuman strength, then slid me onto his side so I was sitting on his hip, wrapping his arm around me tightly so I wouldn’t fall. He jumped out of the window, hitting the ground a second later, and started running for his car.

“Saka, what’s going on? What scared you so bad? Was it the flame thingy?” He looked down at me with a horrified expression.

“Shay, that wasn’t fire. That was a spirit.” He paused, then did something I didn’t expect; he tugged down the neck of my hospital gown just enough to see my bare breasts and stomach.

“What the hell, Saka!?” I smacked his arm. “Are you nuts? You can’t just go look down every gir-”

“You have the mark. That’s why you saw the spirit.” He looked into my eyes. “That spirit is somehow connected to you. Shay, when was the last time someone you knew died?”

I thought for a second. “My friend Jason, last summer. Well, actually he was Leo’s friend, but me and him were pretty close.”

“How did he die?” Saka said. He seemed oblivious to the fact that Jason and me had a relationship and it was killing me inside to think about his death.

“Jason worked in an auto repair store. He was under a car fixing the oil thingy and the car caught on fire.” I paused, holding back tears as I remembered his black hair and deep blue eyes. “He didn’t make it out.”

Saka squeezed me to his chest. “Hey, you don’t have to say another word. I know you and Jason had a special bond, or else he wouldn’t have come back for you.” He paused, looking into my eyes again. “Well, not him, but his spirit. You know, like Casper?” We reached his car and he unlocked the door to the pickup, laying me carefully on the leather seat.

I let a few tears slide down my cheek as I laughed at Saka’s attempt to humor me. “So he’s a good ghost?”

“Its kind of complicated. I’ll explain on the way.” He put the key in the ignition, the engine causing the whole truck to hum and vibrate gently.

“Where are we going?”

He looked at me with an expression as hard as a brick. “Arizona.”


Thanks for reading! I have like a ton more written, but I don't want to bombard the site with it. So if you want more, just send me a message/email thingy. Thanks!!


Posted by Darky/Lyn on May 22, 2013 at 5:25 PM Comments comments (6)


Forever I am yours

Forever I wait at you beckon and call

Forever I bow down to

Forever I am yours

I have

Wandered many paths and many days

Until I found you

I have found you

Yet you're still not mine

Forever I will wait for you

I can't ever live without you

Now that you're gone

I wake in a cold sweat

Screaming til I scream myself awake

Forever I will wait for you



I will conquer this pain

It can't destroy me

You'll destroy me in the end

And I'll rejoice,

but till then I'll still be

Screaming til I scream myself awake

Forever I will wait for you

I can't ever live without you

Now that you're gone

I wake in a cold sweat

Screaming til I scream myself awake

Forever I will wait for you


For you I'd happily see my own end

I'd die for you darling,

just give me the word

I'll pull this trigger

If it makes you feel any better

If it makes you feel any better,

I know you'll never love me back.

Not in this way

And so until I wake,

Baby stay near

Stay near

Forever stay near




Posted by Darky/Lyn on May 9, 2013 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (8)


You let me believe

You let me think I was safe

You gave me warmth when I was cold

Then you walked out

Then you left me bleeding

I ache

Outside and inside

I ache

I trusted

I hoped

I dreamed

I enveloped myself in you

You left me bleeding

I'm gutted and dying but you don't know

I mask the pain

I mask the ache

I mask the wounds over

To my knees I fall

I lay cut and bleeding

You walk unscathed

I never could hurt you

I tried my best

I gave you everything I could give

I ripped my heart out

And gave it to you

You proved your worth

Yet it matters none

Numb with pain I will fall

I'll mask the pain

I'll mask the ache

I'll mask the wounds over

To my knees I have fallen

I will lay cut and bleeding

You can walk unscathed

I never could hurt you

I never could hurt you


I cry out at night

You sleep sound

I scream until my throat bleeds

You sing sweet to him

I never could hurt you

I'll never hurt you



By Darkchant

Know Better Now

Posted by Darky/Lyn on May 9, 2013 at 6:40 PM Comments comments (8)

“Know Better Now”

I walk among the dark things

Shadows plague my every dream

Flashing lights and screams around me

Sinking faster into obscurity

I will not walk away

Forever I will stand by you

Forever you're my everything

My everything

I wait for you as the dreams fall away

I now see you as you really are

A monster, a demon

A disease in my head

Pain was all you ever meant

I know better now

Blame me, I failed to see you

I'm falling into oblivion

Encased by darkness, I'll be comforted

I let the pain wash over me

No, I will fight the sting

Show them, that I am stronger than this

Never will I be hurt again

You did this to me

And I'm stuck

Waiting for you as the dreams fall away

I've seen you as you really are

A monster, a demon

A disease screaming my head

Pain was all you ever meant for me

I know better now

I won't let this become me

You won't become me

I will not let this kill

The ache of your betrayal will haunt me

But I've had worse

Forever I will wait for you as my dreams fall away

I'll see you as you really are

My monster, my demon

My disease screaming in my head

Pain was all you ever meant for me

I know better now

I know better now

I know better now

And I care not

By Darkchant