Wolves of the Outlands

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The Packs of the Outlands

Pack of Howling Winds

The Pack of Howling Winds is probably the most openly hostile pack there is. Predictably, they start wars and border skrimishes more than any other pack. They can be manipulative and can get out of nearly any sticky situation that arises.
   The protecting god of this pack is Thaemn, the god of the skies and weather. He is said to give the alpha of this pack unnatural powers, making many unworthy wolves step forward to recieve these unorthodoxed powers. Countless many have tried, only to be annhilated by the great god. Now they are ruled by worhty alphas.

Pack of Deep Shadows

The Pack of Deep Shadows is legendary for its' ferocity in battle as well as their battle tactics. They fight and live under the light of the moon and rarely appear in the sunlight. Some say they were cursed by Calana, the Sun goddess, and could never set paw in her radiant rays again. Others say that they are simply anti-social.

   These wolves are incredibly strong and reknowned for their hulking size and their notorious temper. One thing is for sure, they aren't the pack you want to be facing, should war ever break out. They are currently at peace with all of the other packs.

Pack of Hooting Owls

The Pack of Hooting Owls is a quiet place where most mysteries and secrets are kept. These wolves have great skill and live of of what they can find or sometimes, steal. They arn't the best fighters... but they're getting there. These wolves have a very sharp eye for anything unusuall, or out of place. 

These wolves are blessed by Calana, the godess of the sun. Calana watches over these wolves most of the time. The Alpha gets her blessings and her thoughts on whether or not they should be Alpha. These wolves try not to interact with the other packs.

These wolves are intelligent and have excellent  fighting skills and are willing to risk thier lives for eachother. When It comes to battle, they make sure they either win, or die trying. If they lose, they show no emotion and just walk away, if they're still alive. Protecting eachother is the second most ideal thing to these wolves.

Pack of Burning Embers

  The Pack of Burning Embers is known for it's

forgiving and kind nature. They are the most peace keeping of the packs and dislike fighting. Ironicly, their territory resides on the bank of the Ayout. These wolves are also known for their ability to tred through any water and are superb swimmers.

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